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Clifton Karnes has worked in design and programming for more than 20 years. His design experience includes everything from wireframes to interactive prototypes to polished high-fidelity graphics. His development and programming experience includes building websites and WordPress CMSs (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP), front-end applications (JavaScript and jQuery), and back-end programming (PHP and MySQL). In addition to an academic background in computer science (he also has a Master's Degree in Music Theory), he has extensive programming experience in assembly language, C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, and ActionScript.

Before specializing in web design and development, he created a number of successful Windows desktop programs - The Runner Utilities, ArrowSmith, SuperClick, and Clip-In - all of which were favorably reviewed in The New York Times.

Karnes Design Technologies and Tools

Karnes Design Technologies and Tools

User Interface Design

User Interface Design (UI Design)

Clifton Karnes' user interface design (UI design) and user experience design (UX design) includes work on website design and web app design, and everything from wireframes to high-fidelity graphics. Here are some client comments:

  • "Clif is simply fantastic"
  • "The quintessential professional"
  • "We are thrilled with your work"
  • "MapWorld Interactive looks great!"
  • "A super piece of work"

Web Development

Web Development

Clifton Karnes' web design and development experience includes work for more than 40 companies during the last 15 years and includes graphic design, WordPress development, and server-side programming:

  • "It looks gorgeous!"
  • "LOVE the site!!!"
  • "Awesome work! The site is beautiful"
  • "The site looks wonderful"
  • "The crowd applauded our new site"

Mobile and More

Flash, Flex, and AIR

Clifton Karnes' mobile experience includes designing and developing mobile web sites and mobile apps. In addition, he has worked extensively with Flash, PHP/MySQL, SEO, as well as identity and branding. Here are some client comments:

  • "You are absolutely the Man!"
  • "Wow. WOW! I mean... WOW!"
  • "Awesome! "
  • "Thanks for making this so great!"
  • "The CD looks incredible"