Karnes Design Perl Programming

Karnes Design has written scores of server- and client-side Perl programs. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

  • Karnes Design MailForm
    MailForm mails the output from a Web form page to an e-mail address or addresses. The program is designed so that all variables go directly in the source HTML, so to alter the program's function, the program's source doesn't need to be touched - just the HTML.
  • Karnes Design MailForm Plus
    MailForm Plus is like MailForm, but in addition to sending form output via e-mail, it writes each form to a database on the web server. A companion program - MailFormView - is password protected and allows clients to review form submissions and import them into client-side databases - like Act.
  • Karnes Design SiteIndexer
    This program scans a web site and prepares a browsable index of the site - like a book index - that can be used to supplement link navigation.
  • Karnes Design RandomAd
    RandomAd displays ads randomly on a web page and provides tracking info for each ad.