Karnes Design Vertical Tickertape

The Vertical Tickertape is a Java applet that scrolls an unlimited number of message, each with an associated URL. The parameters give you complete control over the applet's size, message text, font, font style, font size, foreground color, background color, speed, and destination URL. Here are the parameters and the HTML syntax for invoking the tickertape below.

<applet code="VerticalTicker.class" width=450 height=24>
<param name=Message1 value="This is the first message.">
<param name=Href1 value="http://www.karnesdesign.com">
<param name=FontName value="Verdana">
<param name=FontStyle value="bold">
<param name=FontSize value="12">
<param name=BackgroundColor value="49,99,206">
<param name=ForegroundColor value="255,255,255">
<param name=Speed value="5">
<param name=Pause value="2000">
<param name=Debug value="1">

Here's an explanation of each parameter:

Message. This is the text you want to display in the tickertape window. The first message is Message1, the second is Message2, and so on.

Href. This is the ULR linked to the same numbered message. So Href1 is the URL for Message1, and so on.

FontName. This is the name of the font you want to use. Basic choices are TimesRoman and Helvetica.

FontStyle. This parameter indicates whether you want the text bold, italics, or normal.

FontSize. Use this parameter to determine the size of the text in the window.

ForegroundColor. This is the color of the text, specified as three RGB decimal values.

BackgroundColor. This is the background color of the window, specified as three RGB decimal values.

Speed. This determines how fast the tickertape scrolls.

Pause. This is the length of time the tickertape pauses before scrolling the next message.

All of the tickertape's parameters can be completely controlled from the HTML file that invokes it.