Karnes Design MapInvader Game

The Karnes Design MapInvader game is a Java applet. To play, simply try to hit the MapInvader as many times as possible by clicking on it with your mouse. As you'll find out, the MapInvader is part Mexican jumping bean, part devil. Be sure to turn on your speakers, because the game features some real-time sound effects.

Here are the details:

  • To begin, click the Start New Game button.
  • Hits and Misses are totaled in the upper-left and -right corners respectively.
  • To reset these counters, press the Start New Game button.
  • To select a new difficulty level, make a selection from the Difficulty list box.
  • To avoid embarrassment, after 100 misses, the score is immediately reset.
  • MapInvader users sound, so turn your speakers on.

This game was developed for MapInfo Corporation and appeared on its web site.