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Tom CampbellJoin host Tom Campbell every Sunday afternoon from 4:00-6:00 for the Far Channel radio show on KKNT 960 AM as he talks with guests from around the world and around the corner. With a focus on people, pop culture, and cool tech, no subject is too big or too small.


Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker His most famous creation is Spenser, a Boston private detective and self-described thug with with a background in boxing and the ability to quote Emily Dickinson at will. Two other vivid characters are Hawk, his enigmatic, perhaps amoral best friend and Susan Silverman, his longtime psychologist girlfriend. An equally important character is Pearl the Wonder dog, a pet jointly owned by Spenser and Susan Silverman whom, sadly, they refer to as "their baby". Spenser has a private moral code that is never completely spelled out but that makes perfect sense to most men who understand loyalty and the need to protect their loved ones. In the latest Spenser book, "Cold Service", Hawk is nearly killed and the sequence of events makes it obvious to the reader how justice in the eyes of Hawk and Spenser will have to be served. What makes Parker's books special to me is that they are consistently of very high quality. His writing is beautiful and spare, much like Hemingway but usually better crafted; the plots always hold together, and the characters are engaging.  

Stephen White

Stephen White Stephen White has been writing bestselling crime fiction since the
1989 debut of his first Alan Gregory book. Alan Gregory is a uniquely modern character, a Boulder, Colorado therapist who manages, still fairly credibly, to find himself involved in in a new crime every year. Among the vivid and well-fleshed out characters that populate his novels are his second wife Lauren, an assistant district attorney with multiple sclerosis, his neighbor Sam Purdy, a police detective, his coworker Diane, and a few more memorable characters who manage to be convincingly human and three-dimensional yet also fun to read about. His 13th and latest book, "Missing Persons", from Dutton Books, is another great read.  

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